PRODUCT REVIEW: Jacquard Waist Trainers

PRODUCT REVIEW: Jacquard Waist Trainers

Before selling any of the products available in our shop, we try it first to see if it is effective and of high quality.

We decided not to sell Jacquard "Waist Trainers" because it is very far from being a waist trainer. It won't even pass as a waist shaper!

Waist trainers are supposed to compress your mid section and shape your body permanently. This Jacquard-thing/cloth-type one DOES NOT. The stretchable fabric merely follows the shape of your body, which defeats the purpose of waist training. Your body should follow the shape of the waist trainer and not the other way around. As you can see in the actual photos that we took, the back part of the waist trainer is very thin and the stitches and the garter are likely to expand. True enough, it did. Using and washing our trial "waist trainers" regularly caused the material to stretch.

Some users might think that they already trimmed down, when in fact their waist trainer merely stretched or expanded, similar to what we experienced. It is really not in the quality of the waist trainer. The material of this "waist trainer" itself is really not fit for waist training. It is not worth its value.

Below is a photo sent by one of #ourchickshoppers that was frustrated and disappointed by the Jacquard Waist Trainer she tried:

All these are our personal take on the product. We posted this as an answer to shoppers' question as to why we are not selling this type of "waist trainer". In the end, shoppers are encouraged to exercise their discretion in purchasing the right waist trainer for them. 
We will be posting more product reviews to help you choose the right waist trainer for you!
Keep posted, ladies!
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