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PRODUCT REVIEW: Zippered Waist Trainers

Hello #ourchickshopppers! 

Before selling any of the products available in our shop, we try it first to see if its effective and of high quality.

The Zippered Waist Trainer is one of the new styles of waist trainers available in the market. Although we already initially doubted the design of this waist trainer, we decided to give it a try. For this review, we decided to buy the vest type, so we can also try the thin strap vest. 

The 3-Layer Hook is similar to our 9-Boned and 25-Boned Waist Trainers. Just like other waist trainers, you can adjust from one hook to another depending on your progress. What we didn't like, however, was the zipper feature itself. Natawa na lang kami kakaisip, why is there even a zipper there. 

While wearing the Zippered Waist Trainer, we found that closing the zipper restricts the user to only one size. Pwede mo nga i-adjust yung hooks sa loob, pero yung zipper, iisa lang ang size. This alone made us not to sell it in our shop. 

Meanwhile, here's what one of our shoppers had to say about zippered waist trainers: 

Another reason is because the zipper is too bulgy. Halata siya under any type of clothing. This defeats the purpose of being able to wear it all day even in the office. True enough, the zipper makes it easier for anyone to close it, as compared to closing the hooks one by one. But then again, waist training requires patience and sacrifice. If you want an easy way to waist train, then you should think twice before starting. 

As to the thin strap feature, the side fats that you would want to get rid of in wearing a vest type waist trainer is not covered. That is why we decided to instead sell the thick strap version which covers that side and back part of the body. If you intend to use a thin strap vest, you might as well opt to use the 9-Boned Latex. It is much cheaper than the same thin strap vest type, but it serves the same purpose. 

All these are our personal take on the product. We shared this as an answer to our shoppers who ask why we are not selling these types (i.e., Zippered Waist Trainer and Thin Strap Vest Waist Trainer) of waist trainers. In the end, we encourage shoppers to exercise discretion in purchasing the right waist trainer for them. 

We will be posting more product reviews and stories from our and #ourchickshoppers' experience using ChickFlick and PureLeef products. 

Keep posted, ladies! 


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