9-Boned Latex (Black or Nude) + 7-Boned Latex for MEN

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You want to trim down midsection with your hubby. This type can be used during work out or exercise. Also best to be used whole day, even without exercise or physical activity.

Product Description of 9-Boned Latex:

  • Adjusted using 3-leveled hooks.
  • Used for trimming the midsection.
  • Highly recommended for those who move and/ or bend a lot.
  • Ideal for those who workout or have a generally active daily routine (e.g., nurses, commuters, etc...)
  • Perfect for new mommies who wish to get rid of their post-partum fats. Other waist trainers may be too tight for moving around (e.g., holding the baby, breastfeeding, etc...)
Product Description of 7-Boned Latex Men's Waist Trainer:
  • Can be worn everyday / during workout
  • Lose inches off your belly, GUARANTEED
  • 3-Row Hook and Eye Closure for adjustment
  • CHICK FLICK EXCLUSIVE: 7-Boned Latex Men's Waist Trainer for Men